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oh hi there.....

i'm arlo.    when i'm not riding my bike with packs of wolves through dark forests, i make tattoos.

i can usually be found at gastown tattoo parlour in vancouver

if you want to contact me for bookings email unclearlotattooer at gmail dot com

if emailing me please include the following info.

-where you want to get tattooed
-how big
-send any reference photos (send photos of my current work that you are into!  that helps alot)

I am usually booked 3-4 months ahead.  I probably won't be able to tattoo you on short notice as much as i would love to.

As an artist I am constantly trying to grow.  I may not want to tattoo similar things that I have a year or two ago in order to keep things fresh.  If I don't respond it may be that your idea does not fit with my current scope of practice.  No hard feelings meant.

For a look at what I might want to be doing look at these ideas/designs.